Cazadero Music Retreat

Columbus-Indigenous Day Weekend

GGP Youth Orchestra Inner Bach

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Cazadero Music Retreat is a two-day musical adventure in the Redwoods where students, families and faculty build community and friendships while making music!  All students are strongly encouraged to attend the Retreat because this activity kicks off the season, both musically and socially. Parents and siblings are encouraged to attend. The retreat is free for all enrolled students; an additional fee applies for parents and siblings (this fee is what GGP is charged by Cazadero only). 

This is such an excellent opportunity for both students and parents to get to know each other. Under the watchful gaze of the redwood trees at the Cazadero Music Camp, our students will receive music training in orchestra, sectionals, and chamber music. In addition to playing wonderful music in a beautiful setting, the retreat includes many other activities such as nature walks, musical orchestra conduct and expectations, seminars about the local environment, a parent meet and greet complete with s’mores. The retreat is included for students as part of the annual tuition fee, and we keep fees for parents and transportation as low as possible.


  • For students to enjoy learning and performing in a nature environment
  • For students and faculty to get to know each other better outside the weekly rehearsal days
  • For new and existing parents to share experience and insights on the GGP program
  • For initial grouping of students for chamber music

Held annually on the Saturday and Sunday of the Columbus-Indigenous Day Weekend, GGP hosts a retreat at Cazadero Performing Arts Camp near Guerneville, just north of Santa Rosa. 

Cazadero Music Retreat for GGP

5385 Cazadero Hwy.

Cazadero, CA 95421

Tentative Schedule:

Sat. 8:15 am: Carpools and vans leave Ruth Asawa School of the Arts parking lot on O’Shaughnessy at Portola.
Sun. aprox. 7:00-8:00 pm: Carpools and vans return to  SOTA


Attendance and Food for GGP Students is included in their annual tuition – no additional fee!
Attendance and Food for GGP family members is $125 per person > the age of 6.
Bus/Van fare is $25 per GGP student, $35 for additional family members, based on availability.  Carpools are strongly encouraged.

Please review this packing list so you know what to bring for the weekend.  Bring the warmest clothing and sleeping bag you have.  Nighttime can be colder than you think!

Recommended packing list

  • WARMEST POSSIBLE sleeping bag!! Temperatures are cold at night and we will be sleeping outdoors!  
  • Pillow  
  • Wool or fleece hat (to keep your head warm while sleeping)  
  • Warm sweaters/clothes  
  • Towel, 
  • Sun block  
  • Toiletries
  • Flashlight  
  • Games  
  • Your instrument, of course!
  • Music – including red folder  
  • Pencil  
  • End pin rest (cellos and basses)