Golden Gate Philharmonic, 2019-20 
25th Anniversary Season 
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 GGP Youth Orchestra Join

San Francisco/Bay Area’s All-Inclusive, Most Accessible Music Program

Applications are accepted throughout the year, with spaces available for children ages 5 – 18 years of age in four orchestra levels plus a Symphonic Winds program.  Auditions are required for placement only, not for enrollment.  GGP is proud never to have turned a student away for inability to pay.  We offer scholarships based on financial need:  Golden Gate Philharmonic Financial Aid Application .

For scholarship information, please call 415-294-0656, or contact

Full Season Program Tuition:  $1600
August 27, 2019 – May 19, 2020

Tuition covers approximately on-half of the cost of the program per student. 
Additional donations and volunteer time contributions are gratefully accepted.

Included in GGP’s program are Tuesday orchestra and ensemble rehearsals, sectionals, chamber music, optional Saturday music theory class and gig rehearsals, October 12-13 music retreat at Cazadero Music Camp, three full orchestra concerts, chamber music recitals, and the opportunity to perform in paid gigs for qualified students.  Families able to contribute at least 10 volunteer hours between August 2019 and May 2020 will be given a $250 discount for next season (2020-21).  

Registration is required for all new and returning students:

  1.  Click here to complete the registration form for each enrolling student. A $100 non-refundable tuition deposit is required at time of registration, deducted from your total tuition.
  2.  An invoice for the remaining tuition will be sent to you based on your submitted registration information.

Payment Options:

  1. Payment in Full: We are grateful if you are able to pay tuition in full at time of registration, or prior to first rehearsal.  This helps GGP greatly. It is most needed and appreciated at the time you are sent the tuition invoice.
  2. Two Equal Payments:  For families choosing the two-payment tuition option, the first payment is due by September 3, 2019.  The second/final payment is due prior to January 7, 2020.
  3. Three Equal Payments:  For families choosing the three-payment tuition option, the first payment is  due by September 3, 2019.  The second payment is due prior to the first orchestra concert on December 3, 2019; the third/final payment is due prior to the second orchestra concert on March 3, 2020.

Two-Thirds  Season Program Tuition:  $1200
January 7, 2020 – May 19, 2020

One-Third Season Program Tuition:  $700
March 3, 2020 – May 19, 2020

Full season tuition ($1600) is in effect until October 15, 2019.  For students joining mid-season, $40 per rehearsal week charged up to the next program break (either Jan. 7 or March 3, 2020).  There are no program refunds for early withdrawal.