Academic Recognition

Top tier academic institutions, and IVY league schools look highly upon classical trained, and/or musically gifted students. They bring not just a wealth of talent to the school but are seen as well-rounded, and balanced individuals. Orchestral music is also known to be a genre that intellectuals appreciate, not just for its complexity but for its beauty.

We are proud to share a partial list of colleges and universities attended by students who participated in the GGP program during their Middle to High School years:

Berklee College of Music
Cal Poly,  San Luis Obispo
Columbia University
Cornell University
Harvard College
Lawrence University Conservatory of Music
Middlebury College
Northeastern University
Oberlin College & Conservatory
Occidental College
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Stanford University
University of Pennsylvania
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Merced
UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Cruz
University of Arizona
University of Pittsburgh
University of the Pacific
Yale University