Supplemental Chamber Music Program

If you are interested in participating in a GGP chamber program, please email, or call 415-294-0656.

GGP is proud to offer an optional Chamber Music Program to expose our students to the vast and rewarding chamber music repertoire and give them the experience and benefit of playing in a smaller group (one person on a part). This creates a student faculty ratio of 4/1 (for a string quartet) or 3/1 for a trio, allowing the chamber music student a tremendous amount of personal coaching from the highly trained and experienced GGP artistic faculty.  Groups may choose their desired GGP faculty coach, or one can be chosen for them.  More than 75% of GGP students elect to play in a GGP chamber group. GGP hosts four chamber music recitals each season, and provides other opportunities for the groups to perform.  These groups are instructed by one of GGP’s professional faculty members at times and places determined by each group. Participation requires an additional financial and time commitment. Instrument rental and financial aid is available.

Chamber groups are primarily formed each year in October, but can be formed at any time.

  • Rehearsals take place weekly during the GGP season (October-May). They are typically scheduled at the same agreed-upon day and time each week. The number of rehearsals per month may vary due to holiday schedules.
  • If all group participants agree to cancel a rehearsal, this rehearsal can be rescheduled to another time.  At least 24 hours’ notice must be given to the chamber coach to reschedule without an additional fee.
  • If the chamber coach needs to cancel a rehearsal this session can be rescheduled.
  • If one member of a chamber group is unable to attend a coaching session due to illness or schedule conflict, no refund is provided. If more than one student will be absent, the session can be rescheduled.
  • Each chamber group must assign one parent or adult to be the main contact for the group regarding scheduling and payments (Chamber Group Parent Coordinator).
  • Chamber groups are encouraged to continue to meet and rehearse during the summer. The sessions must be agreed upon by all group members and coaches. Billing will be determined by the agreed upon amount of summer sessions.

PAYMENT:  $375 as a member of a quartet, and $500 as a member of a trio for 25 sessions from October – May

  • Each member of a Chamber Music Group pays $15/session as a member of a quartet/quintet, or $20/session as a member of a trio. There are generally 25 sessions during the year, ($375 for each member of a quartet, $500 for each member of a trio). Extra sessions may be added if all members agree. Groups starting later in the season will decide, in conjunction with Mr. Gallegos, how many coaching sessions they will have.
  • This fee can be paid in installments. Students who have applied for financial aid for the orchestral program will automatically be considered for financial aid for the Chamber Music Group Program. For all questions regarding financial aid, please contact Jenny at
  • If you are interested in participating in a GGP Chamber Music Group, please email, or call 415-294-0656.