Joan Murray
Founder & Executive Director Emerita



Darcy Mironov

Darcy Mironov
Executive Director

Geoffrey Gallegos
Artistic Director & Principal Conductor

Board of Directors and Advisory Board

The Board of Directors is dedicated to constant improvements in our organization so we can fully realize our mission of Enriching Lives Through the Power of Music. The Board is a governance body designed to handle oversight and fiscal management of our organization’s activities. The Board serves as ambassadors to the wider community to advance GGP’s goals and works toward the organization’s long term viability.

Board of Directors
Interim Chair: Barbara Bella
Vice Chair: Eugene Gregor
Treasurer: Jenny Chang
Interim Secretary: Alexander Fowler

Members at Large:
Keith Kop
Brenda Nelson
Margaret Taylor

Advisory Board

The GGP Board of Directors and Administration also benefit from the periodic advice and support offered from our Advisory Board.

Eileen Bourgade
Suzanne Chinn
Petra Dekens
Ann Keaney
Linda La
Janet Martinez
Linda Polus
Karen Saux
Adam Wheeler