GGP welcomes all applicants who are willing to follow the GGP Handbook and be a constructive member of our community. 

Auditions are held every year during the second Tuesday of the season.  All students who are registered and who have paid their registration fee and made arrangements for their tuition payment will get first priority for auditions.  For student applying mid-season, we will arrange for an audition upon registration. 

Keep in mind that auditions are held to determine PLACEMENT to the right level orchestra and within that orchestra.  The artistic faculty will assign each student to the orchestra level that they believe will be the best fit for the student. However, recognizing that auditions are an imperfect way of assessing how a student will do once assigned to an orchestra, please be aware that changes in level may be made at any point during the season to be sure each child is performing with the level most appropriate to his/her skills and developmental needs. 

Auditions Requirements

Cadet Orchestra students do not need to audition. All new and returning students who wish to be considered for placement in the Junior, Senior or Camerata Orchestras must audition for placement determination.

Before a student can audition, they must be registered in GGP and have paid the $75.00 Registration Fee.  Please Register HERE

Once you have registered your student, please contact to set up an audition. GGP will no longer be accepting the old paper audition forms. 

Auditions consist of three parts:

  1. Scales and Octave Requirements
  • Junior Orchestra: All instruments: Be prepared to play a one or two octave scale of the student’s choice.
  • Senior and Camerata Orchestras: All instruments: Be prepared to play two scales of the student’s choice – one major and one minor (melodic or harmonic). In most cases, faculty will ask the student to perform only one of the scales chosen.

Senior Orchestra Octave requirements

  • Violin/Viola/Cello: Two or three octaves
  • Bass: Two octaves.

Camerata Orchestra Octave requirements  

  • Violin/Viola: Three octaves
  • Bass: Two or three octaves
  • Cello: Three or Four octaves.

2. Students will also perform a piece they prepared (preferably with their private teacher) that demonstrates their playing ability. Basses will perform a short solo work that they have prepared.

3. Sight-reading will be determined by the faculty and will be appropriate to the level of orchestra for which student is auditioning.

NOTE: Auditions are appoximately 5 minutes each. Students might not be able to play through their entire prepared solo piece.